Day 19 – Haiku

It is the week before spring break… two weeks away from standardized testing… so many students already ¨checked out¨. One already on vacation today, two more will be gone on Friday. Wishing I could head to warmer climes…

Wishing for the beach,

Sunning, sleeping, drinking rum

Staycation for me.

Day 18 – More shopping talk

In keeping with the shopping theme from yesterday, I feel the need to rant a bit about shopping etiquette. Yesterday´s trip to Target was no problem, last week´s trip to Jewel was enough to make me want to open my Pinot Grigio right there in the liquor aisle! So… this is my open letter to ¨Those People¨…

Dear Shopper:

While you are perusing the pasta, may I offer a suggestion or two? Please pull your cart off to the side, and perhaps further up from where you are standing, debating between Barilla and generic angel hair. Credit for parking to the side, but points deducted for standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF your cart, thus blocking the whole aisle! I need my Prego, please!

When shopping with two carts, please do NOT stop both carts in the middle of EVERYTHING to transfer your toddler from the main basket of one cart to the main basket of the other cart. Don´t get me wrong, I´m sure there´s a reason for this, but your choice of transfer location was not the best.

When shopping with your older children, please remind them that the cookie aisle is for choosing the best after school treat (Chips Ahoy!), not for posting selfies to Snapchat.

Finally, be kind to the bagger in the checkout line. That high school kid is what´s standing between you and un-smooshed Wonder Bread!

Have a great day!

Day 17 – Island Girl, Part 2

I read somewhere recently that listening to different types of music while grocery shopping can affect your shopping speed. Listen to slow music, stroll slowly through the aisles. Listen to faster, upbeat music, shop faster (spend less?). I´ve never done this, and have actually found myself silently judging people who wear headphones or their bluetooth in Target. Fear of being judged pushed aside, I decided to try it today. Well, only half-way!

I had been listening to my favorite artist, Kenny Chesney, before leaving the house this morning. I was desperately needing an ¨island vibe¨ on this cold, surprisingly snowy Sunday. I am longing for Spring Break and somewhere warm. Unfortunately, no tropical temperatures or lounge chairs await me this year. So Kenny was going to have to provide. I cued up his newest release, ¨Songs for the Saints¨ as I was straightening up the kitchen and getting ready to brave the cold.

I continued to listen as I drove to the store, then decided to grab my headphones to continue listen while shopping. After grabbing a cart, and a Starbuck´s (love Target!), I turned on Kenny, and put in one earbud. Why only one? As I mentioned, I feared being judged! Besides, I didn´t want to completely shut out the world! Silly, I know, but off I went.

As I strolled the aisles, I changed the music to one of Kenny´s live releases. Definitely more upbeat, and it brought back memories of last summer´s concert I was fortunate enough to attend. As I was shopping, I found myself doing the ¨standing dance¨, and even caught myself singing along under my breath a time or two!

I really don´t think I got through the store any faster – it IS Target, after all! But then again, maybe Target isn´t the best place to test this theory! I did enjoy my shopping, though!

Day 16 – Island Girl

Still suffering with this awful cold. That didn´t stop me however, from going to the barn to ride! Maybe I should have stayed home to rest, but I really wanted to ride… I´m glad I did! On my way home, hoping for some lunch and a nap, hubby texts me – ¨Me & the boy took an Uber to SOBs¨. SOBs is a local barbeque place. All the local bars are of course celebrating St. Patrick´s Day today, so hubby was meeting up with friends (and their kids). I REALLY didn´t want to go, but I was hungry so…

Upon arriving, I found hubby & we went inside (too cold to eat outside, although many were!) & I perused the drink menu. Hmmm… a drink called Island Girl. That looks good. A taste of the tropics in cold Illinois! ¨One drink, some food, then home,¨ I thought. After waiting for my drink for a while, the waitress comes by and says, ¨Your rum bucket will be right up.¨ Hubby & I exchange looks – ¨Bucket??¨ I look at the drink menu again. Apparently, I didn´t look closely enough at the menu. I did in fact order a rum BUCKET drink called an Island Girl. Hubby is laughing, I am thinking, I will NOT be able to drink all this!

I in fact, did NOT drink it all… maybe a third of it, put it in a to-go cup, and brought it home. It is now in my fridge. Maybe I´ll finish it later. After my nap. 🙂

Day 15 – Pushing through

Yesterday, I wrote about feeling as though I was getting sick. Well, woke up this morning, and sure enough, I was feeling pretty crappy. Conferences last night, conferences today. Thankfully, no students. Today, seven conferences – one was a no-show. A fairly easy day. I loaded up on the DayQuil and hoped for the best. I was finished with all conferences by 3:30, so I asked my principal if I could leave 30 minutes early since I wasn´t feeling well. ¨No problem, go home.¨ he said. Had a few things to take care of before sitting down to Slice (Costco, dishes, cat vet came over), but this is it. I´m going to take the soup I bought earlier today upstairs to eat, take some NyQuil, and fall asleep watching Chicago Fire on my DVR. Five more teaching days until spring break.

Day 14 – It was inevitable…

Long day today. Teach until 11:40, then parent/teacher conferences from 3 – 8. Fall conferences are a little different in that we don´t have to teach at all on the 3 – 8 day. Spring however, is rough. On the upside, we get the time from when students leave at 11:40 until we start conferences at 3:00 to ourselves. Time to take a long lunch! I can´t begin to describe how wonderful it was to simply go out for lunch! With only a 30-minute lunch normally, there just isn´t the time on a regular day. So, I had a very nice lunch with teacher friends, then back to the building for conference prep. Conferences themselves went well, everyone who scheduled a conference showed up! There´s a win right there! All conferences went well. No irate parents! Winning!!!!

Then it hit me on the drive home. The sickness. Nothing major or nasty. Stuffy nose, throat tickle, sinus pressure. Just the signs that whatever my son and husband had earlier in the week had gotten to me, even though I tried my best to avoid it. Lots of water, in bed early, vitamin C, Airborne – they were apparently no match for the germs. The germs were tougher. So, it´s time for bed. Thankfully, I don´t have officially be in until 10:30 tomorrow, so I can get a little more sleep, and hopefully fight off the nasty cold I seem destined to get. ´Night.

Happy Place

I am in such a great mood! My day at school was average. Par for the course for a little over a week out from spring break. More girl drama, tattling, toys, lunchroom drama, behavior write-ups, assessments, getting ready for standardized testing… you know, the usual March stuff. No, no, no… these things do not contribute to my great mood (even with a never ending headache).

The barn. Yep! The barn put me in a great mood! More specifically, one particular student had such a great lesson, it almost brought me to tears! I believe I have mentioned that one night a week I teach horseback riding lessons. Although it is a long day, and time away from my family, horses are my passion. I have ridden since I was little, but no longer have a horse of my own, so teaching lessons is my way of getting my ¨horse fix.¨

I have been teaching Meghan for four years, I think. She has recently begun leasing a horse. Truthfully, the horse is a bit of a handful, but Meghan has really risen to the occasion. I have seen steady improvements both in Meghan and the horse, Windsir. Well tonight, she really nailed it! I have given her things to work on during the week, when she is riding on her own, and she is most certainly doing them! This was very clear in her lesson tonight! I was ecstatic! Not that she didn´t listen before, but it´s like the light bulb went off – something clicked! Meghan and Windsir were working like a true team!

I know they are on the road to something amazing – and I have a front row seat!