Day 31 – The End.

Well, I made it! I haven’t read anyone else’s posts yet, so I’m not really sure how to wrap this up. I think I will just say, going into this, I really didn’t think I’d find something to write about every day for 31 days! Obviously, I did, as I didn’t miss a single day. I actually started looking forward to sitting down to write – to spill out my thoughts in a safe forum. Thank you to all who read my ramblings, I hope I wasn’t too boring! I loved reading your posts, learning a little more about people I know, and peeking into strangers’ lives a little, too!

I’d kind of like to keep doing this, but maybe not every day. Did I read somewhere about posting on Tuesdays? I’ll have to check the website. So for now, farewell, thank you, and happy writing!!


Day 30 – Too many books

Perhaps that should read, ¨SO Many Books¨. One can never have TOO many books, can they? On my nightstand I currently have ten books, plus my e-reader, which has over one hundred books on it. Then, there´s a lamp, an digital clock that projects the time on the ceiling, a framed picture of my husband and son, a framed sentimental poem from my husband about how, as a wife, I am an angel (mother´s day gift), and four electronic devices being charged (Apple watch, IPhone, Garmin, wireless headphones). Oh, and my Big Bubba thing of water. Not much room for anything else!

But that´s not all! On the floor, in front of my nightstand, next to my bed, are MORE books! Eight more books, plus three magazines, to be exact! I guess you could say I have a problem! I can´t help myself when it comes to books. I thought things would change when I got my e-reader several years ago. It did, for a long time. I have over one hundred books on it. But there is something about that physical book that I still can´t get enough of!

Many, many of the books on my nightstand are kids´ books. I received a number of books as gifts at Christmas from my students. I also bought books at the book fair. All of these, of course are for my classroom. I have to read them first, right?! The One and Only Ivan, Wishtree, The Underneath, Molly´s Story, Bailey´s Story. All of these will eventually end up in my class library.

Other books are for me. Books by Rachel Hollis (Girl, Stop Apologizing!), and Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), Where´d You Go, Bernadette?, The Secret Life of Bees. Professional book – Notebook Connections, and a book about my autoimmune disorder. There are also magazines. Those are on the floor. Two recent issues of Real Simple, and one Runner´s World.

You´re probably thinking, ¨Wow, she must read a LOT!¨ I do. In the summer. When I don´t have 28 reading assessments and 28 math assessments calling my name from the dining room table. During the school year I have the best of intentions. In the evenings after dinner, sometimes hubby will play Xbox with our son. I do NOT enjoy watching them do this, so I go upstairs to ¨read¨. Except when I get up there, I can´t decide WHAT to read! Too many choices!! What am I in the mood for? What won´t put me to sleep at 7:30? Nine times out of ten, I choose a magazine. And reruns of Friends. I do not choose the professional book. Hey, that´s what summer days in the pool are for, right?!

Day 29 – Lists

I am a list-maker. I think as a teacher, I am pre-disposed to this. Many of my teacher friends are list-makers, too. Many friends at school tell me I am so organized. I don´t see it that way. I see piles of books, stacks of copies, and papers on my desk that I don´t know what to do with! At home, it´s the same. Mail, receipts I need to save, coupons, papers to grade… thankfully, I have a very tolerant husband who doesn´t mind my ¨organizational methods.¨

Lists help, though. Currently, I have a list for spring break sitting on the kitchen island. It is hand-written – not in my phone, written in an old, half-used spiral notebook from my son. It has baseballs on it and says, ¨AWESOMENESS¨ on the cover. I made the list at the beginning of spring break, when I was full of the hopes and dreams of completed projects. There is something about a hand-written list. I feel SO accomplished when I can cross off an item. It´s not quite the same with a list in my phone. Sure, I can delete an item from my list, but then I don´t see ALL the things I completed. Nope. Definitely not the same. Oh, I do use my phone for list-making – but that´s usually just a quick list. Like, if I am stopping at the store for a few things after work, I´ll just make a note in my phone. Oh, who am I kidding?! If I´m at work and need to make a small list, I´m using a Post-It!

Back to my Spring Break list. Yesterday, I decided to rewrite it. I did have several things crossed off from earlier in the week, and it was looking a bit messy. Plus, I had written some notes at the top from a phone call with the pest control service. They are sending me the info, so I don´t need to keep what I wrote. I am looking over my list. Hmmm… today is Friday. The last official day of Spring Break. What can I accomplish today? Pay lawn service. P.U. dry cleaning. Yes, can definitely do those things today. Wash bathroom floors. Stovetop. Microwave. Kitchen floor. Ugh. I really don´t enjoy cleaning. I can definitely do the microwave. Maybe Easy-Off the stovetop. Well, all that will get done – it´s amazing how much you get done when there is the possibility of house guests!

Other projects: Matt´s picture frame. Matt´s file box. Office desk. Office plans. Grade papers. Many years ago, I bought one of those multi-opening picture frames to put my son´s school pictures in at each age. All that´s in there is him at one year of age (he´s 12 now). I was going to dig out pictures and put them in the frame. Hmmm… we shall see. Matt´s file box – Pinterest project that will probably wait until summer – again. Office desk – many piles to be sorted through. Might get to that. Office plans – my husband is going to build a built-in desk and shelves for our office. I´m in charge of finding something I like, and hopefully finding plans on the web to build it. Not sure I will get to the plans part. Grade papers – I did grade math tests while my car was being serviced the other day. Still need to enter them. I also have a stack of reading assessments that I haven´t touched.

So – I rewrite my list. Again, I am hopeful most will get done. And I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when I take my pen and cross off each completed task!

Day 28 – Watching, waiting, whining…

We have a dog. Boomer is four years old, we believe he is a black lab/pit bull mix. He is a rescue dog my husband picked out when Boomer was about four months old. Hubby went to the shelter in search of a black lab friend for our other dog at the time. He sent me pictures from the shelter – ¨That´s not a black lab,¨ I said. ¨Look at his head, his ears. He might have lab in him, but he looks like a pittie.¨ ¨No way!¨ said hubby. Uh huh, okay. Anyway, we brought him home.

Boomer is a good dog. A little hyper, but overall, pretty good. There´s one thing, however, that annoys me…

Thursday, 7:03 a.m., Spring Break. Hubby has left for work over an hour ago. I am somewhere in that semi-awake state when if I just relax and keep my mind clear, I´ll probably fall back to sleep, but if I let my mind think about anything, plans for the day, what´s for dinner, this weekend´s house guests, I will be wide awake. I am so cozy warm, and just about to drift off to dreamland again when I hear it. First, a thump on the floor next to my bed. Then, a heavy sigh. Then, ever so faintly, a whine. Boomer.

Hubby does not let him out before he leaves for work, as he often doesn´t have time. So, I usually let him out around 5:45 as I´m packing my lunch and getting ready to leave for work. But it´s Spring Break. Boomer doesn´t know that.

I turn over in bed, being careful NOT to open my eyes toward the dog, or even let him see my face. I keep my breathing slow and even. ¨Go back to sleep, Boomer, I want to sleep,¨ I think. I don´t dare talk to him. Breathe. Slow and steady. Don´t move. My mind won´t let me do it. The thoughts. Don´t forget to drop off boxes at Mom and Dad´s. Go to Target. Pick up the dry cleaning Friday. I want to watch the end of that movie on Netflix.

I open my eyes, look at the dog. He jumps up and sniffs at my face as if to say, ¨Wake up, Sleepyhead! The day´s wasting away! Let´s go!¨ So, I go.

Day 27 – The Hope of Spring

Midway through spring break. Gettin´ stuff done. Helping parents purge, doctor´s appointment, oil change, laundry, cleaning, massage… I still have things on my ¨to do¨ list – maybe they´ll get done, maybe not. Some of the cleaning HAS to get done, with the possibility of friends staying overnight this weekend on their drive back to Wisconsin from Florida.

Hubby even uncovered the pool last weekend! I personally, thought he was crazy, but it isn´t like we are turning it on, or anything! He said, ¨It just feels closer to summer when I see the clear water in the pool!¨

How do I make it feel like spring? I buy cut flowers. Last week, when I was grocery shopping, I picked up a bunch of the most beautiful irises. Their deep purple color really pops against the gray wall of our entryway. I admire them every time I go up and down the stairs. I also noticed outside a few bright green shoots peeking through the mulch at the front of the house. I love seeing that! All these little things put me in a better mood. A brighter mood. Spring is here, and ready to pop!

Day 26 – Mysteries, Part 4

Nick´s Missing Notebook

To recap, so far we´ve had an unclaimed pink spelling paper, a missing glue stick, and a rather large water spill on the floor that no one has fessed up to. For the last installment of Mysteries of Room 116, I give you, ¨Nick´s Missing Notebook¨.

Now I will come right out and tell you that Nick is not the most organized student in my class. He is in fact, quite disorganized. Papers frequently fall out of his desk, pencils, markers, crayons are often on the floor from the moment he kneels (not sits) at his desk. Even though we have a binder system in third grade – a place for everything, and everything in its place – his desk is still jammed with graded papers, a December lunch menu, a spelling list from October, and 17 classroom library books. Yes, 17!

Last week, students were working in their interactive writing notebooks. We are talking about opinion writing, gluing in graphic organizers, and sharing opinions on breakfast cereals, summer vacation destinations, and the like.

At the end of one lesson, Nick shows me his notebook – the page we were just working on has fallen out. Since we are transitioning to Music, I tell him to leave it on the side table, and I will staple the page back in his notebook while they are at Music. I staple, but then this is where things aren´t so clear. I think I put his notebook either back on the table, or on his desk. Either way, the next day, the notebook is NOWHERE to be found. We look everywhere. In his desk, in his backpack, on the table, on my desk. Nothing. I even had everyone in the class check their desk for an ¨extra¨ notebook. Nope. So… I gave him a new notebook from my secret school supply stash. I´m sure the other one will show up at some point. Next week? Last day of school? Only the Universe knows! 😀

Day 25 – Guilty Pleasure

Spring Break. Staycation time. It´s difficult seeing everyone else´s posts from sunny locales (plus my own vacation pics on Timehop), but I have a multitude of projects to do at home. Sometimes though, I get distracted. Okay, I get distracted A LOT!

One of my biggest distractions is the TV. CSI marathon? NCIS? Grey´s Anatomy? Friends? Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Mornings though, I can´t help but sit down and watch The Today Show. Before I start on my projects for the day, I brew myself a cup of tea, grab a fuzzy blanket, and cozy up on the couch to watch Al, Hoda, Dylan, Savannah, and Kathie Lee. I´ll be honest, I don´t pay as close attention to the first hour – the news… I probably should. Anyway I love the celebrity news, the cooking segments, Ambush Makeovers, financial advice, and I LOVE the Steals and Deals! I´ve never actually bought anything, but I always think, ¨Oh, I should get that!¨

I always think to myself that I´m only going to watch for a little while, then I need to get started on whatever project I have planned for the day. In most cases though, I end up watching all the way until the end. Then I feel like I´ve wasted half the day doing nothing! But then I tell myself that this is called, ¨self-care¨. In order to be an effective teacher, I need to have my own down time. And I shouldn´t feel badly about that.