Day 22 – Always the same question…

“What’s for dinner?” (face palm)

Spaghetti or

Pork chops or

Salmon or

Leftovers or

Eggs or

Frozen pizza or

Order pizza or

Jewel chicken or

Local restaurant take out or

Go out to a restaurant or

Brats or




I don’t know. What’s for dinner at your house?

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – Always the same question…

  1. It’s the listing that does it for me. Perfect. It’s not like there are no options and it’s also not like the options are so varied, always, that it’s too hard to choose. It’s just…the choosing. The effort. And then if the askee picks something they worry if the asker isn’t going to like it and it’s just a whole thing, almost always. Well captured here – love it!


  2. We go through this same thing every night. My husband texts me and says: Dinner? And I text back and say: Yup! Great idea for a post. (Jewel Chicken sounds yummy!)


  3. oh my gosh this poem is my whole week…and I felt the anxiety it brings coming right back up. We’ve had meatballs the last three nights and I am not apologizing for it anymore! Great slice – super relatable


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