Day 31 – Thank You

This was my second year doing the SOL Challenge. Both this year and last, there were days when I struggled to write, as I’m sure we all did. As this Challenge draws to a close, I want to thank you all. Thank you for opening up your minds, your hearts, your feelings, and your homes. I learned things about a few colleagues, and I learned about people in faraway places. Thank you for the inspiration for my own slices. Most of all, thank you for being a place where I felt safe during a month that feels anything but safe and secure. Stay well, everyone!

Day 30 – Currently…

LOVE this format of writing! I have seen a couple other posts like it, I am not stealing, I am…. emulating!

Thinking – about all the projects I could get done. Closets, floors, garage.

Wondering – how my students are doing, if they are just on screens all day.

Loving – being able to sleep past 4:30 a.m.

Watching – movies, Tiger King, want to start Little Fires Everywhere.

Hoping – we are actually able to return to “normal” after April 30.

Worrying – about my own family catching the virus (of course!), but also about those on the front lines of this pandemic.

Wanting – to go sit on a beach somewhere.

ReadingEndangered by C.J. Box.

Planning – a trip to Northern Wisconsin this summer with great friends.

Procrastinating – all the cleaning. I really dislike cleaning.

Thankful – for fast internet, stacks of books to read, a stocked freezer and fridge, and a healthy family.

Day 29 – Cooking

I wish I enjoyed cooking. This would be the perfect time to cook up a storm! Baking, prepping, tasting? Nah. It’s a struggle for me to come up with ideas for dinner every night. Now, with the pandemic, I actually have to come up with something for dinner EVERY NIGHT! Pre-pandemic, I planned and prepared 4-5 meals per week. The other days, hubby grills, we eat leftovers, or perhaps go out to eat or order pizza.

Mid-pandemic, I am at a loss. I went to the grocery store today without planning what we would have for meals each day. I usually sit down and plan out each evening’s meal, trying to use what we have in the house already. I didn’t do that. So I stood there, trying to figure out what to get. It’s a good thing I wasn’t hungry at the time! Plus, I really wanted to get out of there quickly! Safer at home!

So, I have some ideas for this week… we will order from a local restaurant tonight. Each delivery comes with a song! The delivery driver is bringing a gentleman along who will play guitar and serenade you from the sidewalk. I think I’m looking forward to that more than the food! Pork chops, chicken, pasta. Our staples. It will work.

Am I cooking more? Definitely. Am I enjoying it? Not really. I might enlist some help and make some chocolate chip cookies today, though. Need to get the boy off the Xbox! Stay safe everyone!

Day 28 – It’s getting bad…

I did not sleep well last night. I “went upstairs to read” (code for watch Friends) when hubby decided to play Xbox last evening. Not an uncommon thing around here, no biggie. I did read a chapter, but then turned on the news – perhaps a mistake. We have been so inundated with information the past couple of weeks, it really is quite overwhelming. Watched Jimmy Fallon and his band sing, then fell asleep.

I remember waking up several times. I remember tossing and turning to get comfortable. I remember part of a dream. It was apparently about COVID-19. Specifically, about how ibuprofen affects the virus. “DON’T TAKE IBUPROFEN!” I remember someone saying in my dream. I’ve been hearing how ibuprofen jump starts the virus, and actually makes it worse for the patient. I guess I have been worried about catching the virus (aren’t we all), and thinking that I have to remember NOT to take ibuprofen. Hence the dream.

So… after grocery shopping for my family and my parents today, I made one more stop. Walgreen’s. What did I buy? A magazine, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my fave!), and……….Tylenol. Any guesses as to which shelf was completely stocked? Yup, you guessed it! Ibuprofen!

Day 27 – Busy

When we first were informed we were going to be off school for a period of time, I thought, “I’ll get all these projects done!” I even wrote about my list early on in the SOL Challenge. Clean out closets, donate toys, dig out flower pots…the list goes on. How much have I gotten done? One task. Just one. My son and I went through his closet, finding things he’s outgrown, and made a pile to take to our local thrift shop. Those clothes? Still on his bedroom floor. Those other projects? Still not done.

Looking back on the last two weeks, I am surprised at how busy I’ve been with distance learning. My district supplied learning packets for students, the first of which students took home the week before school closed down. The next packets are available for download or pick up at the school. Other than answering questions from parents via email, we haven’t had to really DO anything else. I have sent video greetings each morning via Class Dojo, and I am also recording myself doing a read aloud on Dojo as well. Not all students have the technology access though, so I know not everyone is seeing these posts. So where is all my time going??!

Day 26 – What’s Your Move?

I was listening to a local Chicago radio station this morning as I brewed my tea and let out the dog. They were asking listeners to call in and answer the question, “Where’s the first place you will go when the stay at home order is lifted?” It got me thinking – where will we go? What will we do? Restaurant? Movies? Mall? (no mall!) My parents’ house? Honestly, I don’t know! Most likely a friend’s house or a local restaurant (with friends). What about you?