Day 29 – Spring break

It is officially my spring break! Hopes of sleeping in were stymied by my internal clock shouting, “The teenager is not up for school yet! Must go wake him!” Ugh. I tried to ignore the internal shouting, but I knew what would happen if I did: the knocking at my bedroom door, “Mom, I’m late, can you drive me to school?” So, I got up. Honestly, it still felt like sleeping in, getting out of bed at 6:15 a.m., for I usually get out of bed before five. I let one of the dogs out, and eventually drove the unhappy-to-be-done-with-his-spring-break-teen to school. That’s okay, it was a good excuse to hit McDonald’s for my Diet Coke!

Back home, shower, head back out. Bank, Target, Kohl’s, Dick’s. The teen’s baseball pants don’t fit anymore, and he has a scrimmage game tonight. Success! Just hope they’re the right size!

Home again. Spring break always brings grand plans in my mind of all the projects I will get done. This year, I decided (and Sliced about, I think) to give myself some grace in terms of these “projects”. If they get done, they get done. If they don’t, and I stay in my PJ pants all week reading books, then so be it! So as I was driving home from the store, I was thinking about which project I would tackle.

I decided to do first, what I was most not wanting to do. I read recently (can’t remember where) to do the hardest, or most dreaded task first, then the rest will feel easy, and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. What is this awful task, you might ask? Floors. Cleaning the floors. Hardwood floors and bathroom floors. I realize this really isn’t a project, per se, but to me it still sucks!

As I stand at the kitchen island and Slice, the robot sweeper is doing its thing, then I will go around with the vacuum and do the baseboards and all the dog hair the sweeper left behind. Then I will drag out the hardwood spray and mop-thingy and get to work.

What then? Maybe I’ll be so motivated I will go upstairs and do the bathroom floors. Or maybe I will change into my PJ pants, sit on the couch and read a book. Or take a nap. Or watch Below Deck. Whatever I choose, I will have at least gotten one project done!

4 thoughts on “Day 29 – Spring break

  1. I always think of that video we watched during a PD with the military guy who talked about making your bed in the morning. Do that every day and you will have accomplished something. He just didn’t realize that there is usually still someone sleeping in that bed when I leave for work!


  2. Below Deck!! Isn’t that a great show! And it’s especially great when you are sitting in your pajama pants pretending that there isn’t anything else that needs to be done. My break starts next Monday and I’m thinking that I will go straight to Below Deck and leave the floors for another time.


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