Day 30 – Close Call

11:15 p.m.: I am climbing into bed, Friends is turned on, as it always is at bedtime (“The One With Russ”), when it hits me – I didn’t Slice! Two entries left, I can’t mess it up now! “I forgot to Slice,” I tell my my husband, and head downstairs.

Now, I think back upon my day, trying to recall something particularly noteworthy. Washed more floors today, nope. Did more laundry today, nope. Had a fun riding lesson, maybe. Took son to baseball practice, nope – stayed in the car, read a book. To me, nothing really stands out as a “slice-able” moment, so here I am slicing about forgetting to slice. I think I have written about this very thing two other times early in the month. I suppose history does repeat itself.

Good night!

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