Day 28 – Lazy Sunday

It’s been a lazy day today. It definitely feels good not having to worry about getting it “all” done before heading back to work tomorrow! Spring break is this week, and I get the house to myself, as my 8th grader had break last week! Yay! What have I done today? I love lists, so here goes:

I have….

Slept past 7:00 a.m.

Cleaned up the kitchen

Put on “real” clothes

Two loads of laundry

Grocery shopping

Dropped son off at baseball practice

I have not done…

Six loads of laundry

Lesson plans

Check school email

I guess I have done more than I thought! Oh well, at least I am not stressing about the work week! Enjoy your week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Day 28 – Lazy Sunday

  1. When you aren’t stressing, you can get a lot done! Great job on getting so much done so early into the break. Although I love having the same break as my kids, I have enjoyed the few spring breaks over the years that have been different. Enjoy your break!!


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