Day 25 – The pool is open

Okay, maybe not completely open, but uncovered anyway! Hubby decided to uncover it last weekend. “I want to see the clear water,” he stated. “Don’t worry, I’m not turning on the heater or anything!” Well, that’s a relief!

We are always the first to uncover our pool in our little section of the subdivision. From our backyard, we can see three other pools. ALL of them are still covered right now. Hubs even put more water in it! It’s not completely filled, but he figures if we do it little by little, the water bill won’t hurt so much!

Well, no one can tell us we don’t get our money’s worth out of our pool! We use it from mid- to late April through the first week of October! Yes, we have a heater, and yes our gas bill is high! But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

5 thoughts on “Day 25 – The pool is open

  1. I get wanting to take it off when the water is clear. Mine is clear right now but we usually have to wait until May to open the pool and by then it’s usually green and I have to go through the process of clearing it up. I don’t have a heater and live in central PA so there’s no way we would be getting in it in mid-April. I’d love to have a heater but haven’t convinced my hubby yet that it’s worth the cost. I can’t wait to have it open. Enjoy!


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