Day 24 – August, again.

Wednesday is remote day for everyone. Well, the students, anyway. Teachers are still in the building. Planning and meetings, as well as at least two Meets with students. We go back to face to face learning five days a week on April 7th. Spring break is next week, so today was one of the last big planning days before we return.

My class did split, so I have a new teaching partner. She is a veteran teacher, but she’s from a different building, and hasn’t taught third grade in a while. She spent the morning with me to plan our first three days back after break.

A few of us had this conversation the other day… it feels like August all over again. All teachers know that feeling. The “too much to do, and not enough time to do it” feeling. The “how am I going to fill all this time with class/teambuilding activities?” feeling (this is a requirement in our district). The “can’t I just get to the content?” feeling.

  1. We had it in August.
  2. We had it in October when we went Hybrid for four days.
  3. We had it in October when we went back to remote.
  4. We had it in January when we went to Hybrid (again).
  5. And here we are again, feeling it in March/April.

We will get through it, like we always do. I just keep thinking, “seven more weeks”.

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – August, again.

  1. The good news is that it may feel like August, but there is only 39 days after we get back! We can do this! I will definitely miss our Wednesdays. Good luck the rest of the way. Have a great break.


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