Day 24 – Zoom

Well, today I did it! I had my first Zoom meeting with my students. I had a “practice” session with two other teachers last week, and my teaching partner did one yesterday. I felt fairly comfortable with it.

I started the meeting right on time, and immediately, I had three students smiling back at me! Many hellos were said, everyone was good, they said. Then a few more students popped up. Then a few more. Each time a new student joined the room, “Sam” announced their entrance. Loudly. They were all so excited. In all, I had twelve students join the meeting, even if it was only for a short amount of time. It was loud. It was sort of chaotic. They were all trying to talk over each other, they were showing off their pets. Dogs, cats, bunnies, baby brothers!

Then the video feed got sketchy. My audio kept cutting out. I tried ending the meeting and starting a new one. Still the same issues. So… we ended the meeting quicker than I would have wanted. I sent a quick email to students and parents apologizing for the problems and promised we would try again later in the week. Even though it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, I think it was a success. The kids smiled, laughed, and got to chat a bit. And I ended the meeting with a smile on my face.

Day 23 – Eat All The Food

Too much food! I was (again!) struggling with what to write about today, when I went to the fridge for a Bubbl’r (yum!) to pep me up a bit. As I moved last night’s leftovers aside to grab my drink, I saw the almost empty bag of peanut butter cups from Aldi. Suddenly, I had my Slice!

As I opened the zip-top bag to grab 3 small peanut butter cups, my conscience spoke to me, “You JUST ate half a bowl of microwave popcorn, you don’t need anything else to eat right now!” “Oh, shush! I want something sweet!” Yes, I ate those 3 peanut butter cups…

It seems as though all I have done over the last week or so is eat. Eat all the things. Even if I know I won’t feel well afterward. I am gluten and dairy free by choice. I have an autoimmune disorder, and staying away from those things has been quite helpful for my overall well-being. Unfortunately, I have not been as “good” as I normally am, as if I were at school. Normally for me, breakfast consists of a protein shake + a hard-boiled egg. Lunch and snacks at school are “healthy”. I fix dinner for the family, and eat what I can.

Being at home all day, with ALL the snacks in the pantry, has been a challenge. Consequently, eating all the wrong things has caused my Hashimoto’s to flare up, causing joint inflammation. After sitting at the computer or on the couch for any extended period of time causes me to hobble across the room as if I were 90 years old. Hubby keeps asking me if I’m okay. Yeah, I’m okay.

I know I can control this. Here’s how I will do it: tomorrow, I will act as though I am going to school. I will fix my protein shake and have my egg. I will set out my healthy snack and “prepare” my lunch. Tomorrow, I will go out for a walk. Movement should help. Hopefully, this will help get me back on track! Otherwise, I will need a new, larger-sized wardrobe when (if) we go back!

Day 22 – Tired

I am tired today. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I stayed up well past my “teacher bedtime” the last two nights. Otherwise, I really have no other reason. It’s not as though I’m dashing around my classroom encouraging, entertaining, and extinguishing “fires” all day long. This group of students drains me both physically and mentally.

Today’s tired feels mental. The anxiousness, the uncertainty of all of this makes me want to curl up in bed and sleep. This is all so different from what we are familiar with. I have not set up a “schedule” for myself at home. Maybe I need to do that. I am “available” as required, but find myself jumping from task to task, not really completing much of anything. I am obsessively checking my email, and Class Dojo messages. I record and send a morning video greeting each day. I am recording myself doing a chapter book read aloud. I want to make sure my students are “doing” something, but at the same time, don’t want to overwhelm the parents.

So – I took a nap. I participated in a Facebook Live “Friends” Trivia game. Now, I am going to make dinner, and I figure we will finish watching Toy Story 4 tonight. Hang in there, everyone!

(as I read over this again before submitting, my writing/thoughts seem so disjointed. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I guess that’s another way to describe my feelings today. Disjointed.)

Day 21 – I Don’t Wanna

I was struggling with what to write about today – until just now. Just now I received a text from my hubby asking what’s for dinner (!)… he’s over at a friend’s house right now… “Leftovers.” I reply. “Chili, corned beef, or we can have frozen pizza.” He responds back, “Cool.” Then, the words I really didn’t want to read: “I wanna go to Mike & Lauren’s tonight.”

I felt like a four year old as I said to myself, “But I don’t wanna go there! I want to stay home!” Now, don’t get me wrong, I like these friends of ours. In fact, we were there last night, hanging out, playing darts, and Cards Against Humanity. Until 3 a.m. I am NOT a night person. I don’t mind hanging out with friends, but I am an introvert at heart, I think. My husband is definitely an extrovert. And more of a night person than I am, that’s for sure.

So, I will finish this Slice, then prepare my opening argument. How will I get out of this?!

Day 20 – Distraction

Yesterday, hubby hurt his elbow. I came home to him on the couch with an ice pack on his left arm. Oh geez, what now?! Apparently, he heard a “pop” when lifting something at work, and now does not have full range of motion in his elbow, nor can he rotate his wrist. There is no bruising, but a quick trip to Dr. Google suggests his bicep tendon has torn off the bone. Lovely.

When he went to bed last night, he said he would see how he feels in the morning to determine if he went to work today. So, his alarm goes off at the normal time (3:45 a.m.), and he gets out of bed. About 45 minutes later, he is back in bed texting, then his phone rings. His ringer, always on full volume, is the sound of the buzzer when the Blackhawks score. So it’s loud. VERY loud.

I have gotten used to sleeping past 7:00 a.m. pretty quickly, and I was more than a little annoyed that someone was calling him so early. His boss. They have the conversation. “Yes, it’s pretty painful.” Pause. “Yeah, I heard it pop.” Long pause. “I’ll head to the doctor today.” The word doctor made me realize I was changing my plans today.

He makes a phone call later in the morning. The doctor won’t take him. I start looking for orthopedic doctors in the area. Find one, call, talk to the receptionist, explain the situation. She states they are doing triage over the phone (??), so she is putting me through to a nurse. A few minutes later, hubby is on the phone with the nurse. He explains everything, and then he listens. “Okay, thank you.” Apparently, due to the “current health crisis”, they are not taking in any patients unless it is an emergency. They recommended he NOT go to the ER (duh!).

So after the governor’s speech and “stay at home” order, I went to Walgreens and bought him a sling. I guess we will just have to hope for the best for now. Wish me luck!

Day 19 – Projects

When I found out we were going to be out of school for three weeks, I made a list. A list of projects. “I will have ALL this TIME! I am going to get stuff done!” This is my list:

  1. Clean out/organize pantry
  2. Go through my closet/donate clothes
  3. Go through son’s closet/donate clothes
  4. Go through son’s toys/donate
  5. Clean out trunk picked up from parents’ house
  6. Wash windows
  7. Clean baseboards
  8. Get flower pots ready for flowers
  9. Dig out old tomato plants
  10. Organize son’s school keepsake box

“What have you finished?” you may ask. Number 3. That’s it. And really, I only half-finished it. The clothes are still sitting on his bedroom floor. Need to grab a bag, and at least get that into the car. I’m not sure why I’m not getting stuff done… as I read other’s posts, though, I see that I am not alone. Well, maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. As I sit here at the dining room table, though, I need to add another item – #11. Clean off dining room table. The struggle is real.

Day 18 – One of the Crazies

As I scroll back on my posts from just a week ago, I am amazed at how much things have changed already. Bars and restaurants have closed their dining rooms, stores have cut their operating hours, and it looks as though we may be sheltering in place soon. Entire cities have already shut down, and the Governor of Kansas has shut down schools for the remainder of the school year. Whoa.

I did not panic buy last week. I did my normal grocery shopping. I didn’t get TP. Mainly, because we didn’t need it, second to the fact that there was none to be found anywhere. I thought for sure I’d have no problem getting some this week. WRONG!

As our supply at home is dwindling, I stopped at a couple store when I was out this week. Of course, I saw nothing but empty shelves. Yesterday, I called my local Jewel. “No, we don’t have any. Your best bet is to be here with the crazies when we open at 6.” The crazies??!! The woman who answered the phone went on the explain that the employees are now doing all restocking overnight when the store is closed.

So… last night, I set my alarm for 5:15 a.m. This morning, I got up, threw on some clothes, made myself a cup of tea, and jumped in the car. As I pulled into the parking lot, there were quite a few cars. This particular store is remodeling, and construction workers were already busy inside. I didn’t see anyone looking as though they were waiting for the store to open, though. “Okay,” I thought to myself. Maybe I’ll get lucky. A couple more cars pulled into the lot, and two or three people got out of their cars to wait by the doors. I followed.

Doors open.

Grab a cart (wipe it down).

Head to the far right side of the store.

Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Okay, I decide to grab a few other things, then head to the checkout. On my way out, I talk to the service desk clerk. Apparently, their truck didn’t come. She thought it would come today, but had no idea what would be on it. Check again tomorrow.

Next move, down the street a bit to Menard’s. I pull into the parking lot, noticing they don’t open until 6:30. I still have a few minutes. I park the car, and get on Menard’s website to see if they are showing it in stock. THEY ARE! Okay, let’s hope the website is correct! A few more cars pull in the parking lot, and we all congregate at the doors. “I never thought I’d be standing at Menard’s doors waiting to buy toilet paper.” remarks one older gentleman. “Right??” I reply. As I look through the glass-front store, I see “the goods”. I had already checked the store’s map online to see where to find it, but seeing it in there brought me a surge of adrenaline.

The doors open, and half a dozen adults speed walk to retrieve the elusive goods. I grab one package of 24 rolls (limit 2), and also two rolls of paper towels, just in case. While I’m there, I grab some air freshener. Then I turn around and grab one more package of TP. I guess I am “one of the crazies” after all!