Day 16 – Island Girl

Still suffering with this awful cold. That didn´t stop me however, from going to the barn to ride! Maybe I should have stayed home to rest, but I really wanted to ride… I´m glad I did! On my way home, hoping for some lunch and a nap, hubby texts me – ¨Me & the boy took an Uber to SOBs¨. SOBs is a local barbeque place. All the local bars are of course celebrating St. Patrick´s Day today, so hubby was meeting up with friends (and their kids). I REALLY didn´t want to go, but I was hungry so…

Upon arriving, I found hubby & we went inside (too cold to eat outside, although many were!) & I perused the drink menu. Hmmm… a drink called Island Girl. That looks good. A taste of the tropics in cold Illinois! ¨One drink, some food, then home,¨ I thought. After waiting for my drink for a while, the waitress comes by and says, ¨Your rum bucket will be right up.¨ Hubby & I exchange looks – ¨Bucket??¨ I look at the drink menu again. Apparently, I didn´t look closely enough at the menu. I did in fact order a rum BUCKET drink called an Island Girl. Hubby is laughing, I am thinking, I will NOT be able to drink all this!

I in fact, did NOT drink it all… maybe a third of it, put it in a to-go cup, and brought it home. It is now in my fridge. Maybe I´ll finish it later. After my nap. 🙂

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