Day 15 – Pushing through

Yesterday, I wrote about feeling as though I was getting sick. Well, woke up this morning, and sure enough, I was feeling pretty crappy. Conferences last night, conferences today. Thankfully, no students. Today, seven conferences – one was a no-show. A fairly easy day. I loaded up on the DayQuil and hoped for the best. I was finished with all conferences by 3:30, so I asked my principal if I could leave 30 minutes early since I wasn´t feeling well. ¨No problem, go home.¨ he said. Had a few things to take care of before sitting down to Slice (Costco, dishes, cat vet came over), but this is it. I´m going to take the soup I bought earlier today upstairs to eat, take some NyQuil, and fall asleep watching Chicago Fire on my DVR. Five more teaching days until spring break.

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