Day 17 – Island Girl, Part 2

I read somewhere recently that listening to different types of music while grocery shopping can affect your shopping speed. Listen to slow music, stroll slowly through the aisles. Listen to faster, upbeat music, shop faster (spend less?). I´ve never done this, and have actually found myself silently judging people who wear headphones or their bluetooth in Target. Fear of being judged pushed aside, I decided to try it today. Well, only half-way!

I had been listening to my favorite artist, Kenny Chesney, before leaving the house this morning. I was desperately needing an ¨island vibe¨ on this cold, surprisingly snowy Sunday. I am longing for Spring Break and somewhere warm. Unfortunately, no tropical temperatures or lounge chairs await me this year. So Kenny was going to have to provide. I cued up his newest release, ¨Songs for the Saints¨ as I was straightening up the kitchen and getting ready to brave the cold.

I continued to listen as I drove to the store, then decided to grab my headphones to continue listen while shopping. After grabbing a cart, and a Starbuck´s (love Target!), I turned on Kenny, and put in one earbud. Why only one? As I mentioned, I feared being judged! Besides, I didn´t want to completely shut out the world! Silly, I know, but off I went.

As I strolled the aisles, I changed the music to one of Kenny´s live releases. Definitely more upbeat, and it brought back memories of last summer´s concert I was fortunate enough to attend. As I was shopping, I found myself doing the ¨standing dance¨, and even caught myself singing along under my breath a time or two!

I really don´t think I got through the store any faster – it IS Target, after all! But then again, maybe Target isn´t the best place to test this theory! I did enjoy my shopping, though!

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Island Girl, Part 2

  1. I have never heard of this, but I am going to try it. My wife doesn’t let me go grocery shopping because it takes me forever. I always see people I know, and I can’t help but to stop and talk with them (I honestly believe it is the reason I was elected to the school’s board of education:). She has started letting me go back, so I will try while listening to music. I wonder if it will deter me from talking to me (I doubt it). This was a great post. Thank you for sharing!

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