Day 15 – Venting

I am venting. If you don’t want to read, I am not offended.

I teach third grade hybrid. Group A, two days, Group B, two days, no students on Wednesday for meetings and planning. I have 12 students in each group. They are not balanced very well, behaviorally. I definitely enjoy my B days more than my A days.

We go back to full face to face, 5 days a week on April 7. I will have 27 students. Three are coming back from remote learning. I have been told I will be teaching in the LRC so students can be at least three feet apart. “According to the architects,” we can fit 17 or 18 students in a regular classroom while social distancing. I now have 27 students. Now, logic would say, “split the class in half”. Bring in another teacher. I believe that’s what was supposed to happen. Apparently it is not going to happen. For me anyway.

The fourth grade hybrid teacher will also have 27 students. She was told by the principal today that they will probably split her class in half. Bring in another teacher (I know you are probably reading this, T., and I know you know none of this is your fault).

In a normal year, third grade would split into two classes when enrollment reaches 29 students. Fourth grade would split when enrollment reaches 31 students. But fourth grade gets to split. “Because they are bigger kids. They wouldn’t all fit in the LRC.” I do not agree with this logic.

I don’t think there is anything I can do to change any of this. And it is freaking me out.

Sorry… venting

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