Day 14 – Adjusting

I have a habit. A McDonald’s Diet Coke in the morning habit. I have tried to quit… and actually have been successful, but then went back to it. It’s JUST. SO. GOOD. Anyway, there’s a McDonalds’ just one minute from my house, which makes it easy to stop every morning on my way to work.

Pre-COVID, as I pulled into the drive-through, I would notice many pick-up trucks in the parking lot, and see many “older” gentlemen sitting inside, drinking coffee and, I assume, solving all the world’s problems. “How cool,” I would think. I love that these men have this ritual.

Then, COVID. For a couple weeks, the McDonald’s was actually closed. I had to get my fix from a can or a two-liter bottle (NOT the same). I wondered what those farmers did, now that they couldn’t meet inside the McDonald’s.

Fast forward a few weeks into COVID, and McDonald’s is open. I go get my long-awaited beverage, and notice several trucks parked in the lot. “Well, that’s weird,” I think. I know the indoor dining is closed and I’m sure those aren’t all employee vehicles, what’s the deal? Then I notice that every other vehicle has backed in to the parking spot instead of pulling in, nose first. Windows are down. Elbows sticking out the windows. Familiar brown and yellow coffee cups clutched in hands. The farmers have adjusted. They are still having their coffee together. They figured out a way to still have those important conversations.

I still stop for my Diet Coke almost every morning, and the men are still showing up, as the dining room still is closed. And I always think, “How cool!”. I find it fascinating how we have all adjusted to a different way of “doing” life.

5 thoughts on “Day 14 – Adjusting

  1. I continue to find it cooler and cooler how so many of us have learned to notice the positives all around us that have come out of all of this. Don’t get me wrong, we also all deserve to vent and complain to hang onto sanity as well. But I love that you noticed this. People can be pretty great sometimes. Great slice.

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  2. Finding ways to adapt rituals to keep them going…when the common area closed, seniors at the Manor played Aggravation (with marbles) on the patio instead of cards indoors — at least as long as the weather held. Now I’m going to watch for other adjunstments…


  3. I love that people are finding different ways to connect. Sadly, I think this will be the new normal for a while.

    I also LOVE McDonald’s diet coke. I do not buy diet come for my house and I do not drink nearly as much as I used to. Now, it is kind of a treat. Last week, I treated myself twice. It doesn’t help that we live right next door to a McDonald’s!


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