Day 12 – Currently…

Thinking – about weekend plans

Wondering – how crazy will my class be when I have 26?

Loving – the sunshine today

Watching – “Below Deck – Mediterranean”

Hoping – to get a big tax return!

Worrying – my dad is lonely (my mom passed away in December)

Wanting – one million dollars (LOL)

ReadingThe Highway, by C.J. Box

Planning – a trip to Cabo in June

Procrastinating – cleaning out my closet

Thankful – for the health of my family and that my dad got his vaccine

5 thoughts on “Day 12 – Currently…

  1. Love this – I might have to steal it on a day where I have NOTHING to write. Let me know if you like the book – I am always looking for a good read. Starting a new one this weekend.


  2. I love this format! I will definitely be using it. The two that stood out the most was your worry about your dad (so hard when they lose their spouse, but especially during this time) and the trip you are planning. A getaway sounds perfect!


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