Day 25 – Guilty Pleasure

Spring Break. Staycation time. It´s difficult seeing everyone else´s posts from sunny locales (plus my own vacation pics on Timehop), but I have a multitude of projects to do at home. Sometimes though, I get distracted. Okay, I get distracted A LOT!

One of my biggest distractions is the TV. CSI marathon? NCIS? Grey´s Anatomy? Friends? Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Mornings though, I can´t help but sit down and watch The Today Show. Before I start on my projects for the day, I brew myself a cup of tea, grab a fuzzy blanket, and cozy up on the couch to watch Al, Hoda, Dylan, Savannah, and Kathie Lee. I´ll be honest, I don´t pay as close attention to the first hour – the news… I probably should. Anyway I love the celebrity news, the cooking segments, Ambush Makeovers, financial advice, and I LOVE the Steals and Deals! I´ve never actually bought anything, but I always think, ¨Oh, I should get that!¨

I always think to myself that I´m only going to watch for a little while, then I need to get started on whatever project I have planned for the day. In most cases though, I end up watching all the way until the end. Then I feel like I´ve wasted half the day doing nothing! But then I tell myself that this is called, ¨self-care¨. In order to be an effective teacher, I need to have my own down time. And I shouldn´t feel badly about that.

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