Day 26 – Mysteries, Part 4

Nick´s Missing Notebook

To recap, so far we´ve had an unclaimed pink spelling paper, a missing glue stick, and a rather large water spill on the floor that no one has fessed up to. For the last installment of Mysteries of Room 116, I give you, ¨Nick´s Missing Notebook¨.

Now I will come right out and tell you that Nick is not the most organized student in my class. He is in fact, quite disorganized. Papers frequently fall out of his desk, pencils, markers, crayons are often on the floor from the moment he kneels (not sits) at his desk. Even though we have a binder system in third grade – a place for everything, and everything in its place – his desk is still jammed with graded papers, a December lunch menu, a spelling list from October, and 17 classroom library books. Yes, 17!

Last week, students were working in their interactive writing notebooks. We are talking about opinion writing, gluing in graphic organizers, and sharing opinions on breakfast cereals, summer vacation destinations, and the like.

At the end of one lesson, Nick shows me his notebook – the page we were just working on has fallen out. Since we are transitioning to Music, I tell him to leave it on the side table, and I will staple the page back in his notebook while they are at Music. I staple, but then this is where things aren´t so clear. I think I put his notebook either back on the table, or on his desk. Either way, the next day, the notebook is NOWHERE to be found. We look everywhere. In his desk, in his backpack, on the table, on my desk. Nothing. I even had everyone in the class check their desk for an ¨extra¨ notebook. Nope. So… I gave him a new notebook from my secret school supply stash. I´m sure the other one will show up at some point. Next week? Last day of school? Only the Universe knows! 😀

4 thoughts on “Day 26 – Mysteries, Part 4

  1. haha it is funny to get into students lockers and backpacks and just see what they have in there. It’s better when they try to figure out what something is or how long they have had it. The mysteries continue…


  2. Great job using specific details to capture the disorganization–In this case, 17 library books says a lot! When I was student teaching, we misplaced a whole stack of student writing that never surfaced. Perhaps it’s with Nick’s notebook!


  3. Been there! Not sure if it’s better or worse when it happens with a messy kid or an organized one. On the one hand with the messy kid at least you know there’s a good chance it’s on them, with the organized kid it’s probably you so at least you know, Ugh. Mysteries are fun at least. Ha. Fun post!


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