Day 10 – At a loss today…

I am definitely lacking in the inspiration department today. Nothing profound or exciting going on. Random ideas to write about — the meeting I almost forgot I needed to attend today – I went, but realized about 10 minutes in that I really didn´t need to be there. There goes two and half hours of my day I won´t get back… grocery shopping — didn´t spend an arm and a leg for once… realized I have plenty in the house to work with. Meal prepping for the week — browned ground beef for stuffed green peppers, browned Italian sausage for personal pizzas, mixed ingredients for meatloaf. Hubby is watching the Michael Jackson documentary in the other room — I can hear it, and have caught bits and pieces — weird. Laundry. Did my lesson plans for the week… thankfully only had to plan for three and a half days due to parent/teacher conferences. Next on the agenda: get dinner started. Have a great week, Slicers!

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – At a loss today…

  1. Productive Sunday! I love when I have time to prep some meals for later in the week (or even for the next week!) I have my school break this week and prepping some meals for the freezer is a big goal for later in the week.


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