Day 6 – In Like a Lion

You know the saying, ¨March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.¨ That certainly has been true here in Illinois. I know it´s still technically winter for a couple more weeks, but once March rolls around, I always think it should immediately jump to 60 degrees!

I´ve been feeling a bit like a lion lately. Don´t get too close, kids, Mrs. Van Horn might roar at you! I think part of my issue is my students are really antsy these past few days. Their behavior reminds me of what I would expect the week before spring break, not two and a half weeks out from break yet! They are loud, and rude, and disrespectful to each other. I need to make the time to do some team-building and SEL activities, but fear the time crunch. After break, we go right into standardized testing, and we are still working on fractions! There´s still so much to cover! I know however, that if we don´t spend some time reviewing how to be a caring, respectful, responsible student, the test won´t really matter! What´s just as important is MY attitude toward my students. Reminds me of a poster I had hanging in my classroom – ¨Attitudes are contagious. Is YOURS worth catching?¨ I need to remember, even on my bad days, I need to be positive for my students. It makes all the difference. I need to be the LAMB.

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