Day 5 – I Don´t Get It…

What is it with Xbox? I´m sitting here at the dining room table trying to figure out how to fit too much curriculum into not enough days before standardized testing, and my husband is playing… I don´t know – Call of Duty? Whatever. Anyway, both he and my son could play ALL NIGHT. In fact, they have! Me? I just go to bed, falling asleep to reruns of Friends. What is it though, about the gaming? I guess the problem is, I can´t think of anything I do to that extreme that would compare to the amount of time he spends gaming. Reading a book? I´d LOVE to spend that much time reading!

I suppose it´s a way to release tension or frustration. Maybe I should join my husband in this activity. Maybe I´d release the tension caused by worrying about standardized testing! Hmmm… maybe not. I´d rather pick up a book! 😉

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – I Don´t Get It…

  1. Video games baffle me as do sports. Gosh! people get so into it- like a tennis match. I agree wholeheartedly I’d rather be reading, too.


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