Day 4 – It´s the little things…

I usually do my meal planning and grocery shopping on Sunday mornings. I spend some time going over the sale ads online, and try to plan meals for my family around our schedule for the week. I really enjoy sitting at the table with my laptop, cookbooks, grocery app, and cup of tea making this plan for our week. Typically, I am the only one awake, and it´s nice and quiet. Then, I head off to the store(s). Alone. To me, there is something therapeutic about pushing the cart up and down the aisles without anyone constantly asking to add something to the cart!

Because of my busy schedule this weekend, I didn´t get to shop yesterday, but instead went after work today. It was definitely NOT the same. First of all, it was quite a bit more crowded. I had to wait a few minutes at the deli, and was disappointed at the number of people who clearly didn´t get the memo about where NOT to park their cart (the MIDDLE of the aisle)!

The other thing that bothered me about my shopping trip today, was the fact I felt rushed. On Sundays, I shop at a leisurely pace. Today however, I felt I was racing the clock! I needed to get home… get my son to band practice… fold the laundry… enter the last of the grades… And even though I made what I thought was a comprehensive list, I still forgot the Cheese-Its my son asked for!

So where am I going with this? I go back to my title – It´s The Little Things. I really need to remember to focus on the good – and enjoy the small moments – whether with my family, or by myself – it´s the little things – shopping by myself early on a Sunday morning – that are truly worth savoring.

One thought on “Day 4 – It´s the little things…

  1. Yes! Meal planning and grocery shopping have become therapeutic to me. I have a system and it works beautifully. Sometimes the grocery store is the only time I get to be alone all week! 😂


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