Day 2 – Deja vu

Echoes of a Whitesnake song echoing through my head, “Here I go again…” It is only Day 2 and I sit here at my dining room table struggling to write my SOL. I run through my day in my head… new(ish) student no-show (not surprised), easier hybrid group today, drama-free lunch (in the classroom), no tears during writing (from the students OR me!). I write after work figuring I will have more material to choose from than if I write in the morning. Besides, I live 40 minutes from school, and my mornings are on a pretty strict schedule! But yet, here I sit, staring at the clutter on my dining room table: bills, folders, papers to be graded, materials for my “side-hustle”. I am tempted to scroll Facebook, but we all know what a rabbit hole that can be! So I stare at the screen. I ramble a bit. I take a moment to be grateful for a fairly uneventful day. And now…. the SOL is done. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Deja vu

  1. Do we have the same kitchen table? LOL! I too, ponder writing in the morning, but haven’t had enough of a day from a frenzied routine. I’m trying hard not to post at 11:59 p.m. We’ll see how long that lasts. Here I go again…


  2. You did it! I am a newbie at this, so I am not sure if it is going to get easier or harder as we go through this process. Thanks for the Whitesnake earworm πŸ™‚


  3. Isn’t it funny how we have so many slices in our day, but to find ones worthy of actually slicing seem nearly impossible?!


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