Day 20 – I don’t get it

Saturday morning. I am sitting at the dining room table working my side hustle. My 14-year-old comes down with the crazy dog, lets him out, feeds him, complains about the chores list I gave him, and gets himself some breakfast. He sits down in the family room and turns on the TV. What is he watching? YouTube videos of other people playing video games. I know this is a popular thing with “the kids these days”, but I seriously don’t get it. I think he is watching grown adults playing Sea of Thieves. Why? Why does he enjoy this? I decided to ask him just now. He smiled & chuckled. “Does watching these videos help you play the game better?” “Sometimes,” he replies. “It’s entertaining to watch and sometimes I get tips.” Okay, son. Technically, it’s spring break for him, so I’m in a “Whatever” kind of mood. He’s not getting into trouble, so no biggie, right? Right. “Hey Matt?” I call. “Yes, Mom?” “Go do your chores.” “Got it!” And, he’s off to clean his bathroom, change the sheets on his bed, and clean up after two big dogs. At least he’s off the YouTube. For a little while, anyway!

8 thoughts on “Day 20 – I don’t get it

  1. What a great slice of your morning. I get a taste of your life. You have a post it I’ve and supportive relationship with your son. (And he knows how to clean!!! And does it!)

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  2. My own kids love watching other people play video games. When I was venting to my mom about it, she quickly reminded me that I used to beg her to buy gaming magazines, so I could be the best at video games. I am now embracing that YouTube gamers are the 2021 version of gaming magazines.

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  3. I have had this same kind of conversation with my niece. “Why do you want to watch other people playing games instead of playing them yourself?!?” Her response, “I just do!” I still don’t understand it!

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  4. Oh my gosh, I don’t get it either! It seems like it would be more fun to just play the game! One of my favorite writing prompt was to have my juniors start with “kids these days”. They were always insightful and often led to great conversations!

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