Day 17 – Roller coaster

What a roller coaster of a day. Stayed in bed far longer than I should have. My 14-year-old son did the same. I am a bit slower to get out of bed on Wednesdays, since we don’t have students in the building. Today though, not only was it Wednesday, but I was dreading going in. A decision had not been made on whether or not my class of twenty-seven third graders would be split in half when we return to full face-to-face learning after spring break. I was pretty stressed out.

My son got up late, I told him I would drive him to school. Then the dog had an accident on the stairs. Things were just not going well.

When I got to school, I saw the principal, but he had no new information. My morning was filled with meetings. Open Meet with students who need help (no one showed), Instructional Coach, Google Meet with students for SEL, PLC, canceled meeting with second instructional coach.

As I was leaving my PLC, the principal finally gave me the news I had been hoping for: my class (and the fourth grade class) would be splitting! I actually shed tears of relief and happiness. This news made the day a WHOLE lot better! Of course, this made the rest of the day much busier, but in a different way!

After work, I had an excellent ride on the little horse I am working with, and chatted with my trainer about taking her on a “field trip” to a horse show in late April. I got home to a crock-pot filled with delicious corned beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions. Cooked the cabbage, and enjoyed an excellent meal. What started out as a bummer of a day, definitely ended on a good note!

5 thoughts on “Day 17 – Roller coaster

  1. Wow! You did have a wild ride today, and I’m so glad it ended with positives. From the knowledge of your class splitting, to a little horse, and finally to a warm cooked meal; these were excellent ramblings.

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  2. Oh, wow! That was a roller coaster – and here I was thinking I was the only one on the planet that had thoughts like that. So beautifully depicted in your colorful reflection. I enjoyed riding this ride with you – and I’m so happy that it came out well in the end! Thank you so much for sharing. You have reminded me, I am not alone.


    ~Carla Michelle

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