Day 10 – Muscle Memory

If you have read my posts, you may know that I am a “horse person”. I have been riding horses all my life. I don’t have my own horse anymore, but I do ride two or three time a week during the school year, and more in the summer. I am very fortunate to be riding again with my trainer from my college years. When I went back to riding regularly about three years ago, I contacted her and she gave me lessons on one of her two horses. She does not ride anymore, one of her horses is retired, so I was riding “Vee”. After a couple of months, Pam gave me the green light to ride him on my own, free of charge. Jackpot! Vee and I learned to work together and have fun.

Last fall, Vee developed an abscess in his left eye. The vet hoped it would clear up with proper care and medication, but there were no guarantees. Unfortunately, Vee lost vision in that eye. He has also been diagnosed with cataracts in his right eye. He is, officially retired.

So now, I ride Gracie. Gracie is a young, inexperienced, Arabian mare. Anyone who knows horses knows that could be a dicey combination! Gracie’s owner is an older woman in her late 70’s who bought the horse “because she was pretty”. Linda has ridden before of course, but she is not ready to ride a horse like Gracie. Again, I am so fortunate to be able to ride free of charge. No share boarding or leasing fees. I have observed another rider at the barn ride Gracie with much success. It has been several weeks now, and Gracie and I are finally beginning to come to an understanding.

This past Sunday, I feel as though we really made some strides (no pun intended!). We truly clicked. We have been jumping Gracie, in hopes that we can take her to a couple local shows this summer. As we were jumping around, I felt that familiar burn in my muscles. Those muscles in my legs were saying, “Hey, we haven’t done this at this level for quite a while, but I think we can do it!” As I dismounted after the lesson, I had to smile at the soreness I felt, even as I hobbled back to the barn. It was good to feel that burn again!

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Muscle Memory

  1. I enjoyed taking a trip to a world I don’t know. Though I have ridden and I do know that soreness- those inner thigh muscles that aren’t often used otherwise! You tell us so much about this love of yours and your appreciation for each horse, and your patience as a rider getting to know a horse. I am sure you are getting all these “free rides” because you are a good friend to the people and the horses.


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