Day 7 – Sundays

Sundays are for…

sleeping until 7, meal planning, (Diet Coke), horseback riding, (change clothes), grocery shopping, (unload), laundry, lesson planning, (hope they get it!), side hustle work, dinner, (clean up), fall asleep on the couch at 7:30.

When Sunday rolls around, I am always a little stressed. So much to do, not enough time. I have tried to shift some of these weekend responsibilities to Saturday, to try and lighten the Sunday load. Start the laundry on Saturday… grocery shop on Saturday…. sometimes it’s successful, most times it’s not. I start a load in the washer, then we decide to get on the motorcycle and go for a “quick ride”. Soon, the afternoon is gone, and the laundry is getting stinky in the washer. Go to Aldi and Jewel on Saturday… TOO. MANY. PEOPLE. I can’t get down the aisles I want – between the customers and the Instacart shoppers and their huge cart/trolley things, I usually end up parking my cart somewhere and move to a few different aisles, filling my arms with as much as I can carry back to my parking place.

So…. Sunday is here, and I will do all the things. Glad I am Slicing early (don’t want a repeat of yesterday!), now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go meal plan!

7 thoughts on “Day 7 – Sundays

  1. Whew, sounds like quite a Sunday! I hope you get to sneak in a ride in between all of that! I didn’t make it to the barn this weekend, which is a bummer, there is always next weekend! Enjoy your busy day!


  2. I know that “divide-and-conquer” aspiration, splitting Sunday’s to-dos into Saturday. Never works for me either. I need one day, just one, devoted to play. Yesterday I played so hard, I am zapped. I’ll bet you’ve felt the same after a long motorcycle excursion—liberating, and yet…Don’t be blue; there is another Saturday around the bend.


  3. Sounds like a busy day ahead. I remember Sundays just like this. Hoping the day is productive so you can have a great week (and maybe even sneak in some Sunday evening R&R).


  4. I can relate! I get this unconscious stress from Sundays because of all the things! Today I blogged about the advice my dad gave to my brothers and I; “Don’t worry about anything.” Solid advice I guess- I hope you have a productive Sunday with no worry about the To-Dos and the stress of the upcoming week!


  5. I can totally relate to wishing Sundays were actually a day of rest. Hopefully, you can get in a few enjoyable tasks like motorcycle or horseback rides today.


  6. I try so hard to do all my stuff on Saturdays because that stress on a Sunday is just too much! Hope you relaxed a bit!


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