Day 23 – Eat All The Food

Too much food! I was (again!) struggling with what to write about today, when I went to the fridge for a Bubbl’r (yum!) to pep me up a bit. As I moved last night’s leftovers aside to grab my drink, I saw the almost empty bag of peanut butter cups from Aldi. Suddenly, I had my Slice!

As I opened the zip-top bag to grab 3 small peanut butter cups, my conscience spoke to me, “You JUST ate half a bowl of microwave popcorn, you don’t need anything else to eat right now!” “Oh, shush! I want something sweet!” Yes, I ate those 3 peanut butter cups…

It seems as though all I have done over the last week or so is eat. Eat all the things. Even if I know I won’t feel well afterward. I am gluten and dairy free by choice. I have an autoimmune disorder, and staying away from those things has been quite helpful for my overall well-being. Unfortunately, I have not been as “good” as I normally am, as if I were at school. Normally for me, breakfast consists of a protein shake + a hard-boiled egg. Lunch and snacks at school are “healthy”. I fix dinner for the family, and eat what I can.

Being at home all day, with ALL the snacks in the pantry, has been a challenge. Consequently, eating all the wrong things has caused my Hashimoto’s to flare up, causing joint inflammation. After sitting at the computer or on the couch for any extended period of time causes me to hobble across the room as if I were 90 years old. Hubby keeps asking me if I’m okay. Yeah, I’m okay.

I know I can control this. Here’s how I will do it: tomorrow, I will act as though I am going to school. I will fix my protein shake and have my egg. I will set out my healthy snack and “prepare” my lunch. Tomorrow, I will go out for a walk. Movement should help. Hopefully, this will help get me back on track! Otherwise, I will need a new, larger-sized wardrobe when (if) we go back!

6 thoughts on “Day 23 – Eat All The Food

  1. I feel this! I went to the store this morning and have already eaten the bag of chips I bought. Fortunately, it was the only treat I bought. I did get a big bag of popcorn so I could have healthy snacks in the future…whatever that holds.


  2. I feel you!! I have trying so hard to not eat all the things. I have Lyme disease and many food sensitivities and I have to stay away for my own sanity. I can proudly say that I have not eaten any mini cadbury chocolate eggs.


  3. I’m about to lock my pantry and fridge door from myself. All this uncertainty, new schedules, and pockets of free time is leaving us snacking. I remember that I would eat when I had a moment. Now I have lots of moments.


  4. There was a video posted today of a Very Hungry Caterpillar read aloud. I observed today as a Hungry Caterpillar holiday and was inspired to imitate. Until today, I had made better choices. Today, I gave that bug a run for his money! Tomorrow, I plan to get back to normal… I hope.


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