Day 21 – I Don’t Wanna

I was struggling with what to write about today – until just now. Just now I received a text from my hubby asking what’s for dinner (!)… he’s over at a friend’s house right now… “Leftovers.” I reply. “Chili, corned beef, or we can have frozen pizza.” He responds back, “Cool.” Then, the words I really didn’t want to read: “I wanna go to Mike & Lauren’s tonight.”

I felt like a four year old as I said to myself, “But I don’t wanna go there! I want to stay home!” Now, don’t get me wrong, I like these friends of ours. In fact, we were there last night, hanging out, playing darts, and Cards Against Humanity. Until 3 a.m. I am NOT a night person. I don’t mind hanging out with friends, but I am an introvert at heart, I think. My husband is definitely an extrovert. And more of a night person than I am, that’s for sure.

So, I will finish this Slice, then prepare my opening argument. How will I get out of this?!

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