Day 12 – Uh oh!

It’s actually Day 13 right now… at 5:46 a.m. it hit me. I FORGOT TO SLICE!!

Yesterday was a crazy day! Students climbing the walls, IEP meeting, copier jammed. Then, at 2:40 I get a delivery of work-at-home packets to give to my students in case we close due to COVID-19. That sent the kids over the edge. “WOO HOO!!” Try to explain to third graders this is JUST IN CASE!!! “What does that mean?” Ugh. I had to explain to them they still needed to come to school today. It ought to be an interesting day… being Friday the 13th and all…

Day 13 Slice to come later…

3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Uh oh!

  1. Heard in the 3rd grade hallway, “I can’t wait to go home and get started on this!” No, Friend, no. Your parents will tell you when to open it (I hope).

    I feel your struggle!


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