Day 7 – Warning signs…

It started Wednesday morning. The stuffy nose – just one side, though. Then, later in the afternoon, a sore throat. No, no, no, NO! This canNOT happen! I can’t be getting sick. I had a sinus infection last month. Got the antibiotics, didn’t feel too awful, didn’t need to take any sick days. Then the flu started in my building. I successfully avoided that, thankfully. I have been taking lots of vitamin D and C. Drinking lots of water. Washing my hands, using hand sanitizer. Not sure how much drier my skin can get!

My students have been pretty healthy overall. I have also drilled into them the importance of covering coughs and elbow sneezes. Unfortunately though, the adorable baby that sneezed in my face last weekend hadn’t had the pleasure of my tutelage. Yep. We were at a friend’s house on Sunday, I was holding the eight-month old. The snotty nose should have had me on guard, but I wasn’t quick enough. Ahhh-choo! Right in my face. Needless to say, when I went home I gobbled up Airborne, vitamin C, vitamin D & lots of water.

So… today is Saturday. I still have a sore throat, still a little stuffy, but hoping for the best. Stay healthy, my friends!

5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Warning signs…

  1. You really captured that “trying to stay healthy” feeling. We do have to watch out for the tiniest germ mongers! Here’s to you getting away relatively unscathed.


  2. Ugh…I feel you! I’ve been a crazy person (and definitely washing the tables myself with my own cleaner….shh…) and still felt a little ick this morning waking up. I’m doing the same as you today! Vitamin C, rest, and LOTS OF WATER!


  3. I feel like I have been sick all winter! I am finally feeling good and REFUSE to get sick again.
    I hope this weekend and the nice weather help you to feel better. Mind over matter….summer is almost here 😉

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