Day 4 – Good Advice

Walking through the hall after school today, I saw a colleague from a different building. She used to teach in my building, but is now in a different position elsewhere in the district. We stopped to chat for a bit, and I mentioned how I haven’t seen her on Slice of Life this year. T. initially sort of talked me into joining last year, and I enjoyed reading through her posts from previous years. When I asked her about SOL this year, T. said she was just too busy with other projects.

We continued to talk, me mentioning that I am worried that my posts on SOL will become negative because I have a tough class this year. I said I didn’t want to turn this into a place to vent. Obviously, I have other things going on in my life – family, friends, horses, etc., but lately I have been all consumed with my students and their poor behavior. I have been changing seating arrangements, contacting parents, talking with students, talking with the social worker, the principal, last year’s teachers… the list goes on and on.

Then T. said to me, “When things get rough, look for the lessons to be learned that day. Look for a silver lining. Make your posts about the good that came or can come from the day’s difficulties.” “Wow,” I thought to myself. What a great way to spin the bad into good. So T., I am going to do my best to take your advice, and look for the silver lining each day. I am going to find at least one good thing to take away from the events of the day. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – Good Advice

  1. Love it! Sounds like you were definitely supposed to meet up with this T character today, and I’m really glad you did. Sounds like when your class becomes mine I’ll have to meet up with this person as well! Excellent advice. Hard to take sometimes, but gold nonetheless. Great post!

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  2. Very good advice! Sometimes it might be difficult to find that one good thing, but do it anyway. You’ll feel better for it. 🙂 ~JudyK


  3. YES! Everything has both positivity and negativity. It’s actually easier to see the negative side, but it’s all up to you how you see it. It sometimes takes some courage to do it.


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