Day 1 – Sunday Funday

Such good intentions I had today… finish the laundry, grade narrative essays. But alas, Sunday Funday beckoned. I went to the barn early(ish) to get in a ride before noon. The barn was a busy place today – so many of us had the same idea – get in the ride, then go enjoy the unseasonably warm March 1st. I should have known better… a full parking lot means more people to chat with. What an enjoyable morning, though! I had a nice ride, chatted with some friends, and drove home with the sunroof open!

After getting home, I settled in with those narratives. Grades are due in a few days, and I’ve put off scoring these for far too long. Just about 4-5 essays in, hubby says, “Oh hey, Jerry and Michele are stopping by for a couple drinks.” Uh-oh. Okay, straighten up the house a bit, wipe down the bathroom. Done. A few minutes later, our friends arrive, and we settle in for a couple beverages. “We won’t stay long, you have homework, Kim!” They didn’t stay long… good! Don’t get me wrong, I love our friends, but after 2:00 on Sunday afternoon is pushing it for us! Sunday afternoons are typically for meal prepping, laundry, and relaxing before the work week begins again. After they left, hubby says, “Justin wants us to come over. We’ll only stay for an hour.” Famous last words. Justin and Katie live in our “old” neighborhood, across town. Their Sunday Funday had started with Bloody Marys at 11:00 this morning. They were continuing the fun outside at Justin’s.

Well, “only an hour” turned into two, and here I am, eating dinner at 7:30 p.m., and Slicing away. The laundry isn’t done, and the essays aren’t finished. That’s alright. They’ll get done. They always do. Enjoying Sunday Funday was much better, and hopefully, I’ll be more relaxed going into the week because I didn’t stress about it all day. I made time for what’s most important.

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