Day 30 – Too many books

Perhaps that should read, ¨SO Many Books¨. One can never have TOO many books, can they? On my nightstand I currently have ten books, plus my e-reader, which has over one hundred books on it. Then, there´s a lamp, an digital clock that projects the time on the ceiling, a framed picture of my husband and son, a framed sentimental poem from my husband about how, as a wife, I am an angel (mother´s day gift), and four electronic devices being charged (Apple watch, IPhone, Garmin, wireless headphones). Oh, and my Big Bubba thing of water. Not much room for anything else!

But that´s not all! On the floor, in front of my nightstand, next to my bed, are MORE books! Eight more books, plus three magazines, to be exact! I guess you could say I have a problem! I can´t help myself when it comes to books. I thought things would change when I got my e-reader several years ago. It did, for a long time. I have over one hundred books on it. But there is something about that physical book that I still can´t get enough of!

Many, many of the books on my nightstand are kids´ books. I received a number of books as gifts at Christmas from my students. I also bought books at the book fair. All of these, of course are for my classroom. I have to read them first, right?! The One and Only Ivan, Wishtree, The Underneath, Molly´s Story, Bailey´s Story. All of these will eventually end up in my class library.

Other books are for me. Books by Rachel Hollis (Girl, Stop Apologizing!), and Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), Where´d You Go, Bernadette?, The Secret Life of Bees. Professional book – Notebook Connections, and a book about my autoimmune disorder. There are also magazines. Those are on the floor. Two recent issues of Real Simple, and one Runner´s World.

You´re probably thinking, ¨Wow, she must read a LOT!¨ I do. In the summer. When I don´t have 28 reading assessments and 28 math assessments calling my name from the dining room table. During the school year I have the best of intentions. In the evenings after dinner, sometimes hubby will play Xbox with our son. I do NOT enjoy watching them do this, so I go upstairs to ¨read¨. Except when I get up there, I can´t decide WHAT to read! Too many choices!! What am I in the mood for? What won´t put me to sleep at 7:30? Nine times out of ten, I choose a magazine. And reruns of Friends. I do not choose the professional book. Hey, that´s what summer days in the pool are for, right?!

10 thoughts on “Day 30 – Too many books

  1. You have a delightful account of the reader’s dilemma. I too love to read and have stacks of books awaiting me, but the pleasure comes only at the end of the day, when all of my other work and chores are done. Then, I get engaged in reading, but within those quiet moments, I tend to fall asleep. I look forward to lounging by the water (an ocean, if I’m lucky) and reading during the day.


  2. I have started listening to audio books on my drive as a way to get more books into my day, then I read every night before bed. I always say I am going to spend the break/weekend/day off reading, but life always gets in the way!


  3. I do the audiobooks driving to school and while I am walking or on my stationary bike. Doubled plus the books I can read. At night I’m so tired but I try to take some time before I tackle the school work. Good luck with all those books. I highly recommend you read The One and Only Ivan asap! It’s a good one, I read it to my third graders every year!


  4. It’s a constant struggle not let books pile up around our house. It’s three times worse when you marry another English major and produce two boys who are voracious readers.

    I worry if we got rid of all our books, our house might float away because of the sudden loss of weight.


  5. Your nightstand and its general environs sounds just like mine! My ratios are slightly different – three currently reading on the nightstand, 5 “to read next” on the floor, plus an additional 4 that I just picked up from the library, and then a separate stack of 10 of this year’s battle of the book titles that I am reading with my middle school team. And definitely more than three magazines! Oh, and three professional development books (plus an additional two on my iPad, plus the eBooks to read on there, 2 of which I am also in the middle of.) Oh dear. You are definitely not alone, though perhaps we both need therapy!


  6. I agree with you! SO many books! Every week my students ask, “What book recommendations do you have?” and I am embarrassed to say, “I haven’t read anything this week.” But the truth is I am busy grading and lesson planning and helping my own kids with school work and family time and trying to keep up with the house, and then I want to sit down and read MY books. Books that I can’t recommend to a 6th grader! UGH


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