Day 29 – Lists

I am a list-maker. I think as a teacher, I am pre-disposed to this. Many of my teacher friends are list-makers, too. Many friends at school tell me I am so organized. I don´t see it that way. I see piles of books, stacks of copies, and papers on my desk that I don´t know what to do with! At home, it´s the same. Mail, receipts I need to save, coupons, papers to grade… thankfully, I have a very tolerant husband who doesn´t mind my ¨organizational methods.¨

Lists help, though. Currently, I have a list for spring break sitting on the kitchen island. It is hand-written – not in my phone, written in an old, half-used spiral notebook from my son. It has baseballs on it and says, ¨AWESOMENESS¨ on the cover. I made the list at the beginning of spring break, when I was full of the hopes and dreams of completed projects. There is something about a hand-written list. I feel SO accomplished when I can cross off an item. It´s not quite the same with a list in my phone. Sure, I can delete an item from my list, but then I don´t see ALL the things I completed. Nope. Definitely not the same. Oh, I do use my phone for list-making – but that´s usually just a quick list. Like, if I am stopping at the store for a few things after work, I´ll just make a note in my phone. Oh, who am I kidding?! If I´m at work and need to make a small list, I´m using a Post-It!

Back to my Spring Break list. Yesterday, I decided to rewrite it. I did have several things crossed off from earlier in the week, and it was looking a bit messy. Plus, I had written some notes at the top from a phone call with the pest control service. They are sending me the info, so I don´t need to keep what I wrote. I am looking over my list. Hmmm… today is Friday. The last official day of Spring Break. What can I accomplish today? Pay lawn service. P.U. dry cleaning. Yes, can definitely do those things today. Wash bathroom floors. Stovetop. Microwave. Kitchen floor. Ugh. I really don´t enjoy cleaning. I can definitely do the microwave. Maybe Easy-Off the stovetop. Well, all that will get done – it´s amazing how much you get done when there is the possibility of house guests!

Other projects: Matt´s picture frame. Matt´s file box. Office desk. Office plans. Grade papers. Many years ago, I bought one of those multi-opening picture frames to put my son´s school pictures in at each age. All that´s in there is him at one year of age (he´s 12 now). I was going to dig out pictures and put them in the frame. Hmmm… we shall see. Matt´s file box – Pinterest project that will probably wait until summer – again. Office desk – many piles to be sorted through. Might get to that. Office plans – my husband is going to build a built-in desk and shelves for our office. I´m in charge of finding something I like, and hopefully finding plans on the web to build it. Not sure I will get to the plans part. Grade papers – I did grade math tests while my car was being serviced the other day. Still need to enter them. I also have a stack of reading assessments that I haven´t touched.

So – I rewrite my list. Again, I am hopeful most will get done. And I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when I take my pen and cross off each completed task!

5 thoughts on “Day 29 – Lists

  1. Love your post! We have many similarities, exception, my lists are in my head, but like you, lots of ideas but when the time comes, I too don’t want to clean the bathroom or spend time online trying to find the perfect something. Hope you put your lists to the side and just go have fun! It’s Friday, it’s sunny, go enjoy!

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