Day 28 – Watching, waiting, whining…

We have a dog. Boomer is four years old, we believe he is a black lab/pit bull mix. He is a rescue dog my husband picked out when Boomer was about four months old. Hubby went to the shelter in search of a black lab friend for our other dog at the time. He sent me pictures from the shelter – ¨That´s not a black lab,¨ I said. ¨Look at his head, his ears. He might have lab in him, but he looks like a pittie.¨ ¨No way!¨ said hubby. Uh huh, okay. Anyway, we brought him home.

Boomer is a good dog. A little hyper, but overall, pretty good. There´s one thing, however, that annoys me…

Thursday, 7:03 a.m., Spring Break. Hubby has left for work over an hour ago. I am somewhere in that semi-awake state when if I just relax and keep my mind clear, I´ll probably fall back to sleep, but if I let my mind think about anything, plans for the day, what´s for dinner, this weekend´s house guests, I will be wide awake. I am so cozy warm, and just about to drift off to dreamland again when I hear it. First, a thump on the floor next to my bed. Then, a heavy sigh. Then, ever so faintly, a whine. Boomer.

Hubby does not let him out before he leaves for work, as he often doesn´t have time. So, I usually let him out around 5:45 as I´m packing my lunch and getting ready to leave for work. But it´s Spring Break. Boomer doesn´t know that.

I turn over in bed, being careful NOT to open my eyes toward the dog, or even let him see my face. I keep my breathing slow and even. ¨Go back to sleep, Boomer, I want to sleep,¨ I think. I don´t dare talk to him. Breathe. Slow and steady. Don´t move. My mind won´t let me do it. The thoughts. Don´t forget to drop off boxes at Mom and Dad´s. Go to Target. Pick up the dry cleaning Friday. I want to watch the end of that movie on Netflix.

I open my eyes, look at the dog. He jumps up and sniffs at my face as if to say, ¨Wake up, Sleepyhead! The day´s wasting away! Let´s go!¨ So, I go.

3 thoughts on “Day 28 – Watching, waiting, whining…

  1. “I turn over in bed, being careful NOT to open my eyes toward the dog, or even let him see my face. I keep my breathing slow and even.” Ha! I do this every holiday and weekend. 🙂


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