Day 27 – The Hope of Spring

Midway through spring break. Gettin´ stuff done. Helping parents purge, doctor´s appointment, oil change, laundry, cleaning, massage… I still have things on my ¨to do¨ list – maybe they´ll get done, maybe not. Some of the cleaning HAS to get done, with the possibility of friends staying overnight this weekend on their drive back to Wisconsin from Florida.

Hubby even uncovered the pool last weekend! I personally, thought he was crazy, but it isn´t like we are turning it on, or anything! He said, ¨It just feels closer to summer when I see the clear water in the pool!¨

How do I make it feel like spring? I buy cut flowers. Last week, when I was grocery shopping, I picked up a bunch of the most beautiful irises. Their deep purple color really pops against the gray wall of our entryway. I admire them every time I go up and down the stairs. I also noticed outside a few bright green shoots peeking through the mulch at the front of the house. I love seeing that! All these little things put me in a better mood. A brighter mood. Spring is here, and ready to pop!

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