Day 23 – Mysteries, Part 2

The Case of the Missing Glue Stick

Lunch is over. My students are coming into the classroom, hanging up coats, chatting about…. oh, I don’t know, probably Fortnite. Anyway, as they are settling in, I ask them to take out their writing interactive notebooks and a glue stick. I am getting the necessary materials, and my teaching assistant asks which students are absent. She retrieves notebooks from the three absent students’ desks, and goes back to her “spot.” “Did someone take the glue stick that was right here on my table?” asks Mrs. C. No one says a word. “It’s not a big deal guys, I just need to know, because it isn’t mine, I borrowed it from Elliot’s desk. He’s absent, and I’m going to glue his graphic organizer in his notebook.” ¨This is mine.¨ ¨I borrowed one from the glue stick box.¨ ¨My mom just bought this for me.¨ Many made sure we knew THEY had not taken Elliot´s glue stick from the table. But did anyone fess up to ¨borrowing¨ the glue stick from the table? Nope. The TA and I kept reassuring them it was okay to borrow it, but reiterated it belonged to Elliot and we had to have it back. Did it ever show up? Nope. I guess I owe Elliot a new glue stick.

Coming soon… The Case of the Mysterious Puddle

4 thoughts on “Day 23 – Mysteries, Part 2

  1. My kids always shock me when it comes to school supplies. How have you lost every single supply your parents bought you? Where did the dry erase marker cap go? Where are all of the pencils I sharpened and put out in the container at 8 am??? Hope the missing glue stick shows up before Elliot’s return!


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