Day 21 – I can´t help myself

Yesterday, I had to stop at Office Max to pick up some index cards for my sixth grader. As I walked in, I thought to myself, ¨I am ONLY here for index cards.¨ You see, I have a problem. A school supply problem. I know I am not alone in this. As a teacher, I can´t help but stroll through the school/office supply aisles in any store that has such an aisle. Target? Osco? Walgreens? All of these stores have the ¨goods¨ I love. I always walk down the aisles ¨just in case¨ I suddenly need something.

Office Max, though? The Holy Grail! Thank goodness it´s not late July — Back to School season? Forget it! Unless I am actually shopping for my son or my classroom, I avoid any and all aisles with new Ticonderogas, notepads, and Post-Its. I will overspend, for sure!

So into Office Max I walked, with purpose, to the aisle I thought might have the sought after index cards. Nope. Next aisle? Nope. I ended up walking up and down every aisle looking for the index cards. I seriously could have used a pair of blinders! Oooh, look! Desk organizers! Hey, three ring binders! Hmmm… do I need Flair pens? NO!!! I finally found the rainbow index cards. Done. But next to the index cards – small notepads. Hmmm… should I? Sure, why not?! Just one. Okay, okay, that´s it. Head to the checkout. There´s a line. Uh oh. While I´m waiting… oooohhh…. look, Sharpies! Nope. Don´t need any. Oh wait… pens! I am on a seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect pen. So… I bought two!

Like I said, I just can´t help myself!

6 thoughts on “Day 21 – I can´t help myself

  1. I once cleaned out my bag and had 7 pounds of pens in it. 7!!! They just kept collecting at the bottom and I kept buying more. I can totally relate. I can’t leave the store without an extra pen or six.


  2. I wonder if, as teachers, we are predisposed to this condition! I know I cannot go through any store that sells any of these items without indulging! This really made me laugh because I spent time laughing and exchanging photos of growing pen and post-it collections with a friend from college this week!


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