Day 20 – Just Another Day

As I drive the 30 miles home each day, I often think over my day – debriefing to myself, sometimes making a plan for the next day. Yesterday was really no different… I hadn’t really been feeling well most of the day, though. I decided to stop at a gas station for a cup of hot tea. After taking that first sip (perfect temperature!), my phone rang. Caller ID shows my husband calling. Okay, pretty normal, he usually calls once he’s home and settled in after work. We go through the normal “How was your day?”, and then he says, “Hey, want to meet me at Jimmy and Meagan’s new house?” Ugh. “No, not really,” I think to myself. I really just want to go home, change into my comfy Blackhawks pajama pants, and relax.

“Sure.” I say, steeling myself for the visit. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a long one, but still, I’m not feeling well, and I’d just rather save the new house tour and celebratory beers for a weekend afternoon. Oh well, off to Jimmy’s I go…

I hang up the phone with hubby, and who calls not two minutes later, but my son. “Mom, I need rainbow colored index cards. Can you stop somewhere and get some for me?” Really? “When do you need them? Can it wait until the weekend?” “I need them for tomorrow.” Of course. After some questioning, I learn that he has known he would need these for a few days, and “forgot” to tell me. *Sigh* Another stop to be made before I can pull on those pj pants!

Office Max: CHECK. Jimmy’s house: CHECK. Home: CHECK. PJ pants: DOUBLE CHECK!

And so it goes in the fabulous, glamorous life of a working mom! One day closer to spring break!! 🙂

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