Day 18 – More shopping talk

In keeping with the shopping theme from yesterday, I feel the need to rant a bit about shopping etiquette. Yesterday´s trip to Target was no problem, last week´s trip to Jewel was enough to make me want to open my Pinot Grigio right there in the liquor aisle! So… this is my open letter to ¨Those People¨…

Dear Shopper:

While you are perusing the pasta, may I offer a suggestion or two? Please pull your cart off to the side, and perhaps further up from where you are standing, debating between Barilla and generic angel hair. Credit for parking to the side, but points deducted for standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF your cart, thus blocking the whole aisle! I need my Prego, please!

When shopping with two carts, please do NOT stop both carts in the middle of EVERYTHING to transfer your toddler from the main basket of one cart to the main basket of the other cart. Don´t get me wrong, I´m sure there´s a reason for this, but your choice of transfer location was not the best.

When shopping with your older children, please remind them that the cookie aisle is for choosing the best after school treat (Chips Ahoy!), not for posting selfies to Snapchat.

Finally, be kind to the bagger in the checkout line. That high school kid is what´s standing between you and un-smooshed Wonder Bread!

Have a great day!

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