Day 14 – It was inevitable…

Long day today. Teach until 11:40, then parent/teacher conferences from 3 – 8. Fall conferences are a little different in that we don´t have to teach at all on the 3 – 8 day. Spring however, is rough. On the upside, we get the time from when students leave at 11:40 until we start conferences at 3:00 to ourselves. Time to take a long lunch! I can´t begin to describe how wonderful it was to simply go out for lunch! With only a 30-minute lunch normally, there just isn´t the time on a regular day. So, I had a very nice lunch with teacher friends, then back to the building for conference prep. Conferences themselves went well, everyone who scheduled a conference showed up! There´s a win right there! All conferences went well. No irate parents! Winning!!!!

Then it hit me on the drive home. The sickness. Nothing major or nasty. Stuffy nose, throat tickle, sinus pressure. Just the signs that whatever my son and husband had earlier in the week had gotten to me, even though I tried my best to avoid it. Lots of water, in bed early, vitamin C, Airborne – they were apparently no match for the germs. The germs were tougher. So, it´s time for bed. Thankfully, I don´t have officially be in until 10:30 tomorrow, so I can get a little more sleep, and hopefully fight off the nasty cold I seem destined to get. ´Night.

One thought on “Day 14 – It was inevitable…

  1. “I can´t begin to describe how wonderful it was to simply go out for lunch!”

    I feel you! Those are precious moments to do something as little and yet so important to get you started on the supposedly big things.

    A well-crafted story, made me feel I was about starting my own conferences.


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