Happy Place

I am in such a great mood! My day at school was average. Par for the course for a little over a week out from spring break. More girl drama, tattling, toys, lunchroom drama, behavior write-ups, assessments, getting ready for standardized testing… you know, the usual March stuff. No, no, no… these things do not contribute to my great mood (even with a never ending headache).

The barn. Yep! The barn put me in a great mood! More specifically, one particular student had such a great lesson, it almost brought me to tears! I believe I have mentioned that one night a week I teach horseback riding lessons. Although it is a long day, and time away from my family, horses are my passion. I have ridden since I was little, but no longer have a horse of my own, so teaching lessons is my way of getting my ¨horse fix.¨

I have been teaching Meghan for four years, I think. She has recently begun leasing a horse. Truthfully, the horse is a bit of a handful, but Meghan has really risen to the occasion. I have seen steady improvements both in Meghan and the horse, Windsir. Well tonight, she really nailed it! I have given her things to work on during the week, when she is riding on her own, and she is most certainly doing them! This was very clear in her lesson tonight! I was ecstatic! Not that she didn´t listen before, but it´s like the light bulb went off – something clicked! Meghan and Windsir were working like a true team!

I know they are on the road to something amazing – and I have a front row seat!

2 thoughts on “Happy Place

    1. Windsir is an Appaloosa. Meghan wants to compete in jumping classes at off-property shows, so we´ve been working on keeping Windsir soft and slow! He´s a bit quick sometimes, so we are working on keeping him from getting too fast. 🙂


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