Day 12 – Hanging by a thread…

Six and one half days… that´s what I have until spring break. Well, six and one half WITH students. Eight more working days. Six and one half days equates to… how many hours? I don´t know… I don´t have the energy to work it out. We have parent/teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday this week. Thursday we teach until 11:40, then have conferences from 3 – 8. Then, conferences on Friday from 11 – 4. Thursday will be a LONG day, but at least I can sleep in a bit on Friday. But today? Today was rough.

Drama. So tired of the third grade drama. She said/she said. I let him borrow this, now he won´t give it back. She said she won´t be my friend anymore because I played with someone else. And the talking. The incessant talking. Talking while I´m teaching. Interrupting while I´m talking to another student. Interrupting while I´m talking to another adult.

Now, I am not exactly a first year teacher. This is my 24th year in my district. I run a tight ship. Typically, exit polls are positive. Over the last couple of weeks however, I feel as though I´ve lost control. My typical methods are no longer effective. I am beyond frustrated. So… I will spend the next hour or so working on a new seating arrangement. Again. And hope for the best. I will also be having some very frank discussions with parents this week. IF they show up for conferences. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Hanging by a thread…

  1. Third grade drama for sure!!! I remember I was feeling the same frustration as you. The next day, I challenged my class to think of a way that they could each spread kindness in the next 24 hours (without spending any money or getting any help from an adult). I gave the class 30 minutes to come up with an idea and create an action plan. It was complete silence for an entire 30 minutes. The following day, the kids all shared what they had done . . . It totally shifted their thinking and that was the end of the drama . . . at least for a few months! Good luck!


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