Day 8 – Another horse post

Friday evening. The end of another long week at school… but spring break is on the horizon! After that, the REAL countdown begins!

This evening, straight from school, I went to the barn and had a riding lesson. Does it make my day longer? Sure. But I don´t mind a bit. No matter what kind of day I´ve had, I can always count on the sense of calm I feel as soon as I walk into the barn. It´s the smell. Really. The smell of pine shavings, hay, horses, and yes, even manure, all blended together is soothing to me. That, and the sounds of a quiet barn – horses munching hay, drinking, moving around their stalls, some even nickering to me to bring them carrots. I walk in the barn, and take a deep breath. *Inhale* *Exhale* Ahhhh…..

Thank you for the nice ride tonight, Vee. See you next week.

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