Day 1



Seriously, I still can’t really believe I signed up for this!!  I’ve never intentionally followed anyone’s blog before. Sure, I might follow a link to read an entry in someone’s blog, but to visit someone’s blog everyday just to read what they’ve written never has been my “thing.”  Here I am though, writing one, even if it’s for only 31 days, hoping someone might be interested in reading my ramblings!  

So, this is me… wife, mother of one, sister, daughter, friend, third grade teacher… avid reader (in the summer), water skier, lover of dogs and horses.  If you choose to read my entries, you will definitely get to read about horses!  Aren’t you excited??!!

So… why am I doing the Slice of Life Challenge?

I have always been told I write well.  In fact, my advisor for my first Master’s told me I really should consider pursuing my Doctorate!  Now this man had quite a reputation for being really tough on students with regard to their written work.  I was really nervous about having him as an advisor after talking to other students about the papers he destroyed with his red pen.  I certainly had my share of criticism from him about my writing style, but through it all, I really respected what he had to say, and like to think I was able to grow from the experience.  

Why do I share this, you ask?  Well, I suppose it’s because I want to write a children’s book.  I have these ideas floating around in my brain, and I question whether anyone would ever want to read them!  And THAT, my friends, is why I am doing this Challenge. I want the almost anonymous feedback about my writing style here that I will receive from all of YOU!  

Help a wanna-be author out, be brutally honest!  Okay, maybe not brutally honest, but honest nonetheless!  I am looking forward to reading your entries too, and hearing from all of you!      

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